hello world, my name is amy-louise and i write.. sometimes. i am english but i hate tea. on this blog i will post at least once a week, maybe more if i'm feeling lost or creative. i hope in some way this blog helps you or gives you confidence to start, or to keep writing.

When you are lame enough (like me) to buy a baby names book, you know you are a writer. It is the ultimate in lameness but I know it will be helpful.

I find when I go online to find a name I get distracted by everything. “Oh my gosh! A new tumblr post on fuckyeahauthordog … I must read it, oh well, now i am here I might as well look at the old posts…” and then I am gone. All productiveness is gone, out of the window. So I guess this will help to stop that, also by having a book I can highlight names I really like (Since it is second hand and already ruined I have no problem with highlighting in it). Perhaps one day I will make a post about my favourite names..

Keep writing,

Amy-Louise xo